• • Monthly perfume overview: June 2016 (ENG.)

Ayurveda is fun – Ayurvedic cosmetics had been addressed couple of times here, but this time, Radovan brings his two cents. Learn the male point of view.
GABRIELLA CHIEFFO: There’s something about Gabi – No wonder, considering the talented Luca Maffei collaborated on the scents. Article contains the overview of all G.C. perfumes. If you’re not curious to try out a fragrance named Ragù, you are no perfumista at all.
Gabriella Chieffo
Well-tended hands: From garden to office – An elaborate manicure study, a.k.a. a manual (pun!) on keeping your hands and fingernails neat and tidy despite the fact, digging in the dirt is your hobby.
SEPHORA Hand masks: Between miracle & uselessness – A further treatise concerning the well-being of your hands. Romana found that the efficiency of the product may vary, depending on the ingredients used.maska aloe sephora review
PAUL EMILIEN: Chaleur Gitane (Gypsy cordiality)A review of the extraordinary gourmand fragrance. Raspberries, chocolate and cedar seem to make the magic. Although Radovan does not usually favor gourmands, he fell for this one.
paul emilien_mini
MILLER HARRIS: Terre d’Iris (Iris for the hot summer day) – Mirka saddled up a bicycle and put the Miller Harris frag to the test. If you’re tired of colognes, you might like this one.
Miller Harris
NEWS: Jean-Paul Guerlain & My Exclusive Collection – Can we look forward to a new perfumes from the retired French legend? And will they be worth it?
guerlain metalys metallica romana granatova
CARON: Montaigne (You are as old as you feel to be) – Romana reviews the fragrance evoking the 80’s. Heavy narcissus isn’t her cup of tea in general, but she commends this one.
Fontány Caron
THE SPIRIT OF DUBAI: Arabian luxury – The niche subsidiary of the Nabeel sets out to take over the market. They take it very seriously and you can find a review of each of their fragrances in the article.
Dubai hoří.
Foreo for the poor – the budget version of the expensive cosmetic gadget reviewed by Romana.
Když jsem fotila tuhle fotku v ranním slunci na terase, na konci ulice přistála ojetá fordka, v ní se líbala naše devatenáctiletá sousedka s nějakým blond hochem a pak se lehce vrávoravým krokem odpotácela k domovu. Asi dostala pár přes držku. Tak to bych vyměnila za všechny omlazující peelingy světa.
My Versailles love affair – Romana’s story starting by meeting Patricia de Nicolaï three years ago and culminating by her recent visit of Osmotheque.

Romana, Mirka, Radovan

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