• • Monthly perfume overview: May 2016 (ENG.)

Esxence 2016 by Radovan: Match of tuberoses – The most interesting tuberose perfumes I encountered at this years’ Esxence compared and evaluated. I found the creations from Le Galion and Pantheon to be the best, but the tuberosses from Giardino Benessere and Illuminum won’t dissappoint either.
QUIZ: pick a perfume according to your favorite color – certainly a self-explanatory title.
ANGELA CIAMPAGNA: Liqvo – Are you eager to find out what do have a gentleman and a hay shed in common? Here’s more on the topic. Angela Ciampagna is a new & talented Italian perfume maker and Liqvo is an enchanting combination of woody notes and silken waft of hay.
Art and Olfaction Awards 2016: The Winners – if you still don’t know who won, read right here.
Assemble your own eyeshadows palette – “or don’t do it at all”, is the actual conclusion of Romana’s adventurous experiment with disassembling the cosmetic product containers. Don’t try this at home, folks, seriously.
MONA DI ORIO: Bohea Bohème – a review of the latest perfume from the Mona di Orio house. Black tea with burned spruce needles seem to pull off the success. Romana is so excited about it, she says it actually brought her & Mona di Orio brand together.
MEMO PARIS: Marfa – Romana finds the fundamental ingredient of Marfa – the tuberose – to be “homeopatic”, as the distinctive white flower appears to be unusually tamed here. Recommended for those who normally stay away from the tuberose fragrances.
CHANEL: Jersey – Interestingly enough, this is not a review of the Chanel’s exclusive, but the commentary to the French fashion giant’s unsuccessful attempt to register a trademark for the word “Jersey”. Some things can’t be bought and we are happpy about it.

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